APRIL 2018

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🔗Human Energy to fight brain infringement

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Generally most people have a sense that they are energetically conscious out side of their bodies. The nervous system acts as a biological radar system for consciousness and data. Using said energy, as it is the electrical polarity of your nervous system, you can gain enough momentum for oscillation to physically fight directed energy weapons and the effects that may have changed your brains physiology. Hemi-syncing is where you press the energy from both hemispheres of your brain together to repel thought injection and promote self augmentation. " You can control how smart you are at a physical level." 


All shielding works don't be manipulated to thinking that it doesn't. There are many types of materials from RF shielding yarn to RF shielding fabric sold by the square foot. Water filled sleeping hats are a good idea.  Chaotic change is necessary to actually fight and win. You have to set your mentality and stick with it, "let the person that is targeting you with directed energy weapons know that you are going to fight and they might as well give up for time's sake". 


(see below) "You know you know!"


Hypertension and blood clots are the first physical symptoms of being irradiated to combat that you need to drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise. Water will help reduce the effects by absorbing the radiation.  Fish oil will help with the nosebleeds. Currently I haven't found a solution for the ringing in the head from the heterodyning. Memory loss is among the many symptoms when targeted with directed energy weapons. One can combat this by doing chakras and hemi-syncing the brain alongside calcium supplement and multivitamin. Heart health is extremely important....(to be continued!)


Google, DARPA, NSA and many more are in on the conspiracy! With all respect and intelligence the only way to turn this around, is to create an open source platform and market routers that would ENABLE a p2p telepathy. they don't do this because they are planning to further enslave the brain in this manner. As a data scientist wouldn't you be interested in data provided by people willingly, using b2b interfacing? 


🔗 www.psinergy.com - Sabrina Wallace's website 

🔗 Amy Holem - Recording the frey effect 


🔗 Richard Lighthouse NASA Engineer

🔗 youtube.com/@aReaganDesignee 

🔗 timothytrespas.wordpress.com 

Sabrina WBAN Bio IoT



Dr. Robert Duncan, neuro weapons presentation, 

"Bugs and Drugs!" jargon for bug is wire tap, or perhaps body tap! 2005 knowledge!"

Clearly an industrial grade conspiracy! Dr. James Giordano, at least he's taking it to a medical direction!

How to beat the brain infringement, and mind control! "The Gateway Process"

Multiple interviews with Dr. Robert Duncan, evidence for main stream media corporations conspiring.

The middle of my head was battered for 3-4 days, then...

at moms house

Bald patch in cognitive region

one day i decided to log them

after a 3 day battering to frontal lobe

HEMI-SYNCING the only way you can make lasting progress melting away the brain infringement, displacing the the scalar beam that enters where the patch of hair is missing , is constant maintenance!

Symptoms of mind control and neuro weapon exposure:

Ringing in the head in different spots heterodyning causes this as well as brain damage.
Feeling pierced and hollow inside incapable of feeling. Consciousness energy
lessened cognition
psychomotor agitation
numbness in limbs
voices in the head
subliminal messages
nervous system squelching
blood clots, DVT, pulmonary embolisms
pain  (microwave + nervous system x root to pain)
chest pains
heart palpitations
extreme headaches
hearing impairment
visual impairment
facial Swelling (lipids insulating from electrocution at cellular level)
stabbing sensations nerve attack
short term memory glitching
affected memory
tunnel vision seeing stars
just a brain sensation
vascular issues as blood polarized to heart and brain
bone density decrease missing teeth
drug or alcohol abuse
ear bleeds
nose bleeds
bald patches
every mental illness can be manifested
brain feels numb
appetite fluctuation not according to activity
swelling in the throat sensation of brain pushing to back of throat
muscle twitching
memory loss ( of course i came back to exclusively put this on the list) lol :(
nerve damage / permanent nerve damage
hot spots in body, like exit wounds from lightening

in depth symptoms , imagine if you are mind controlled or nervous system controlled to hold in your urine!
i fought mind control and won and didn't want to accept that it was used as a  slow kill method for undesirables !


Mind Control Technologies have been irrefutably proven

As the Havana syndrome victims described its very crippling having encounters with directed energy weapons. Imagine if you could fight these technologies and you were living your life having to fight using your human energy, wouldn’t that provide for considerations of unusual circumstances the would motivate more microwave engagements? I go on social media to tell people about using your bio-electromagnetic energy to combat the injected thoughts by doing shockras and hem-syncing. The intersections of nerves and pathways in your brain can form a self-sustaining vortex that increase access and levels of consciousness within the brain.

Perfecting subconscious brain washing AI

Our brains work and learn from repetition, cycles of electromagnetic patterns carrying harmonies to and from working parts. At a slower rate than the consciousness the bi product subconsciousness is a target area of the brain essential for mass mind control , weather it be broadcasting an idea through a radio tower or targeting a single individual to develop ai to brain wash them its still a neuro weapon attack.

The Inner Narrative

Everyone has a voice in their head, weather you use it to think in words or they may simply function off of the direct synapses this voice or thought is capable of being brought out in everybody and individually recognized and manipulated. You have to be careful what you allow to be a constant. When you learn that you can control this voice inside by hemi-syncing and charging the left hemisphere in the cognitive region. If its something that I normally wouldn’t think I just give my brain a little shock and feed it the energy that is needed to outmaneuver the injected thoughts this knowledge can be handy when fighting neuro weapons.

Mentally Crippling

Another thing that contributes to being mentally crippled besides being attacked with neuro-weapons, is society being mentally blocked from believing such a thing!

Torture, no touch torture

the first thing that you gotta understand about torture with microwaves is that it’s direct access and damage to the nervous system. Meaning it can cause pain, meaning it can interrupt, amplify, imitate, or create pain. Over all its pain in granularity that you wish you had never had or were exposed to. This also means weather a microwave is present or not, the memory can be programmed with the directed energy weapon, to create a constant state of pain. Pain via squelching the nervous system,

They have enough control over us to were we won’t be able to communicate this pain, “as if we are dogs and you muzzle us to hide the fact that this is going on” you ability to communicate is directly affected the moment the directed energy weapon splits your hemispheres. There are also modulations and technologies that allow the mind controller to control anyone, its like a remote consciousness signal. Personally im beyond traumatized from these technologies being used on me, around me in attempts to control my life, but no matter what I have made a life decision to not stay silent when its being formed and weaponized against my people at the levels that its being used.

With more eyes on the situation I have found that the uses of no touch torture have been being used less and less. I can agree with this statement but as far as trying to cover it up , it will be a race between china and us as to who will structure and implement these technologies, already google and darpa are on a brain initiative and I can save everybody the time and explain that the consciousness and functions of the brain have been mapped out fully and before early 2000’s. At this point its being used through the military for mass mind control.

Artificial Subconscious manipulation using ai

hacking the human subconscious using automatic ai that studies the subconscious and slowly brainwashes them. Will it work on people who can brainwash themselves? What is the effectiveness? Before you choose silence about the usage of said technologies consider the over all outcome! Who is it really enabling? Who not what? Cause from my experience it was always a person who built this platform using me as a test subject since I was in my child hood when I lived in jessup maryland.


when someone buts into your consciousness take owns your body it is one of the most traumatizing things that you can go through. Consciousness is layers of electrical algorithms, electrical activity of the brain. Imagine it being interrupted and someone wearing your flesh like a mask.

Hyper game theory

trying to outmaneuver someone in thought, to take over their brain with infringement (Havana syndrome) at a slow rate so they cant tell that their thoughts are being spied on or manipulated and actually getting them linked to ai subconscious manipulations.

Why, is not a trick question

A person that is being effected with these technologies may have a tough time establishing the answer themselves as to why. Targets are often disenfranchised because of neuro-weapon attacks and can’t even come up with the words to explain it. They are indeed being mentally blocked from communicating what they are going through. I’m not the only one that has proposed a list of reasons why people are targeted with directed energy weapons. William Coffey presented the military with the idea of targeting “super empowered” individuals. Of course as they always do, try to indirectly communicate that we as humans with electrical consciousness have a capacity for natural telepathy among other things deemed paranormal, however mathematics and physics can perfectly explain., those individuals with high brain resonance were vital to the development of many neuro-technologies, subconsciousness manipulation with ai for covert brain washing, being able to heal from neuro weapon infringement at faster rates, has trained many DOD employees, with out repercussions


To the police and federal agents who may be under the influence of mind control, the sensation of a slight headache or soreness tightening in your brain might be familiar. These words resonate as you merge with your spandex dome cap, a device technically lobotomizing you. While I understand that some of you may be concerned about individuals under mind control, it's those who are unaware of this manipulation that should be the focus of your worry. The mere fact that you are aware suggests that you are vulnerable to being controlled at this level, turning you into unwitting drones.

This form of mind control is designed to make you feel powerless, creating a belief that resistance is futile. Now that I have your attention, consider that you might be fighting a war under false pretenses, with the ultimate goal being the replacement of humans with technology to benefit the elite.

What kind of protector are you if you are unaware of the true nature of the battle you're facing? True warriors stand in front of their people, armed with knowledge that can protect them. I urge you to do what is right and inform everyone. Wealthy corporations are entertaining the development of technologies that compromise the well-being of society, and the mainstream media, often referred to as the fourth branch of the government, fails to fulfill its role.

As a federal agent, why put your life on the line for a modest income when a software engineer developing neurolinguistic software is earning significantly more? It's time to question the motivations behind these choices and the potential dangers they pose to you and your families.

I acknowledge that there are sections within federal agencies possibly responsible for some of the atrocities many of you have experienced. However, none of this has to be true if we collectively speak out against it. The development of mind control technology, especially in a weaponized form, does not benefit anyone. I engaged with the government about "neurolinguistic software development" and proposed a platform for macro development that even a child could use to control devices, adding revolutionary features. However, greed and power hinder progress.

One day, as you grow in consciousness, you may realize this after enduring the challenges faced by humanity. While I, too, was once focused on war, I redirected my efforts to develop methods to resist mind control. Despite emerging from a difficult situation, I unraveled the intricacies of the vortexes within my own body. I truly understand how to defend against these technologies, but I also recognize my humanity as I age.

website not complete all information and changes can be used as evidence to neuro attacks such as how i was manipulated to say certain things that one would consider to discredit, but i can assure you this information is accurate !

Disclaimer , i will volunteer to any testing to prove all of this is happening and submit my medical records publicly,  AS WITH EVERYTHING IN LIFE YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO IGNORE OR DISBELIVE. so i consider your ignorance, that you lack mental capacity to handle things at this level. However i have no reason to make things up, or even exaggerate. Mind controllers will make things worse for you when you blow them out of proportion. I have been brain washed to tell the truth as they don't want to gather lies or disinformation from targeted individuals. You will find that some people are more disenfranchised to prevent them from making communications that exactly explain this as a digitally performed lobotomy.  I REALIZE THAT IM FIGHTING A WAR AND WITH HELD A DESCENT AMOUNT OF INFORMATION SO COMBATANTS CAN NOT GAIN SCOPE TO FURTHER ENSLAVE ME . 

we use so many words to complicate and obfuscate one of the most simply viewed and well understood functions of the human condition. Mainstream media and education defers the knowledge of the human bio field because of the lack of understanding states of electromagnetic energy.

The kundalini is not a psychosis its the bio electromagnetic core, and its not fair to re-term something that is 6000 years old. This is the vortex of energy emitted from intersections of nerves in your body.

Looking at the kundalini as the foundation, its multidimensional interconnecting vortexes known as chakras producing conscious energy.

Other terms:
human energy
bio field
bio electromagnetic energy

We can tumble around with words all day explaining human energy. Case in point, this is conscious energy modulated with our brains interconnecting throughout and further than our bodies. Different states that this energy can reach, will allow it to be utilized as a tool to augment and defend against intrusive thoughts or directed energy weapons.


other than this , Aliens are obviously involved. NOW I CAN ONLY LEAVE YOU WITH THIS, " Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see! "